When to Use (or Avoid) Print Ads

print advertising antiques

To paraphrase Mark Twain: “The reports of (print advertising’s) death have been greatly exaggerated”. It’s true that the effectiveness of print advertising has been greatly diminished by digital marketing platforms. But, print ads can still be useful to Antique and Vintage dealers if they are used selectively. Adnews reporter Lindsay Bennet quotes a Magazine Network […]

Please Touch the Merchandise

touch the merchandise

In 2003, the Illinois state attorney general’s office issued a consumer warning that antique dealers should be aware of: Holiday shoppers were told to be cautious of retailers who encouraged them to hold objects and imagine them as their own while shopping. It seems that touching objects increased a consumer’s risk of buying them. Those […]

Prepare for a Career as an Antique Dealer?

antique dealer

I was delighted to find that The Princeton Review has published a report on the career “antique dealer.” The report is intended as a guide for prospective college students planning a course of study. I’m encouraged that the antiques business was included for students’ consideration. (http://www.princetonreview.com/careers/9/antiques-dealer) The review pointed out some hard truths about the […]

How Should You Book Consignment Revenue?


I’ve heard dealers describe consigned inventory as “found money.” Items taken on consignment, they claim, reduce their investment in inventory and provide more choices for customers. Both perceptions are true. But, how you choose to account for consignment transactions can make your overall financial performance harder to analyze and ultimately may make your business worth […]

The Myth of the Business Plan


I’m not real big on business plans. When I bought my first business, my accountant, attorney, banker, college professors and business writers encouraged me to write a business plan. They said that a good business plan was essential for running a successful business. I asked my entrepreneur friends if they had a business plan, and […]

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