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April 19, 2018

Affordable Tips for Promoting Your Antiques Business

Among antiques dealers, hope springs eternal. Dealers look forward to a new year, hoping for profitable merchandise, good inventory turnover, and new customers. Some dealers will spend the year hoping; others will make a plan and work to make the plan a reality.

Central to gaining more customers and making more sales is building store traffic. Antiques dealers have the same challenges as other retailers: how to build awareness for their business and get more customers in the door. This month, I’ll share some promotions that retailers in other businesses have successfully used; perhaps a few of them will work for you, too. Here are my “11 Promotions for 2011”:

1. Create space for community/club events. This idea comes from a used book seller in Maryland, who has a room behind his store that he loans to community groups for their meetings. Toastmasters, the local bridge club, and (of course) local book clubs all gather at his shop on a regular basis. He provides coffee and cookies for each meeting and makes it a point to get to know each of the club members, who invariably become regular customers and spread the word about new items. Read More

Originally posted 2013-12-01 10:58:00.

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