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April 19, 2018

Antique Dealers Can Master Web Marketing

Yesterday’s tools don’t work very well in modern applications. Take a rotary phone, for example: It can still make phone calls, but it won’t work outdoors, it won’t connect to the Internet, and it won’t take photos. A few of you are now saying, “I just want a telephone that makes phone calls.” I’d be willing to bet that it’s these same few who have said “Internet marketing doesn’t work.” It’s not that Internet marketing doesn’t work; it’s that they are taking a new tool (the Internet) and using it like it’s an old tool. It’s like owning an iPhone and using it like it’s a rotary phone. They’re not using the tool to its full advantage.

Much has been said lately about finding new customers and reaching a new generation of buyers. If you want to reach a new generation of buyers, you have to send your message to the place where new buyers are listening and approach them in the manner in which they prefer to be approached. Instead of searching for a silver bullet that will magically reach new customers on your terms, it’s important to study when and how your potential customers prefer to receive advertising messages. Read More

Originally posted 2013-11-13 11:43:00.

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