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March 23, 2018

Antique Shop Rents Should Be Based on Location, Traffic

Why do shows and shops tell dealers they are selling space when they are really selling traffic?

Who pays for traffic?

A well-worn aphorism is that there are but three important considerations in real estate: location, location and location. I submit that this isn’t true for antiques dealers. For antiques dealers, the three most important considerations are location, traffic and lease. Within each of these three categories are variables that can mean the difference between a dealer’s outstanding success and dismal failure.

Location, for example, doesn’t just refer to the location of the building you’re in. A small dealer (Vendor A) who has a booth inside a well-located antique mall but whose booth is located in a poorly trafficked aisle benefits less from the mall’s location than the other dealers in the mall. If Vendor A pays the same booth rent as a vendor in a better-trafficked part of the mall (Vendor B), then Vendor A has a bad lease. Compared to Vendor B, Vendor A is overpaying for rent because he has too little traffic. Read More

Originally posted 2014-01-05 12:38:00.

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