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April 19, 2018

Bacon & Day Silver Bell: The King of American Tenor Banjos

The hard-driving banjo in bluegrass music is a familiar sound to most 21st-century Americans. But, before the stylings of Earl Scruggs, Don Reno and Ralph Stanley created the distinctive sound of bluegrass, banjo playing (and banjos) in America were quite different. From modest roots as a gourd-based instrument to today’s sleek wonder of acoustic engineering, banjos have always adapted to America’s changing musical tastes.

In the complex history of the banjo, no instrument stands taller than the Bacon & Day Silver Bell tenor banjo. The B&D Silver Bell is considered by many musicians to be the finest tenor banjo ever made. Silver Bells are valued for their good tone, powerful sound and superb craftsmanship. Although four-string tenor banjos have been displaced by five-string, bluegrass-style banjos (except in traditional Irish music), Silver Bell banjos are still a sought-after collectible among banjo enthusiasts. Bacon & Day Silver Bell tenor banjos command higher prices than tenor banjos by any other maker. Read More

Originally posted 2013-12-16 13:22:00.

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