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December 14, 2017

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Affordable Tips for Promoting Your Antiques Business

Among antiques dealers, hope springs eternal. Dealers look forward to a new year, hoping for profitable merchandise, good inventory turnover, and new customers. Some dealers will spend the year hoping; others will make a plan and work to make the plan a reality. Central to gaining more customers and making more sales is building store

Can Your Antique Appraisals Land You in Court?

Antiques dealers have exposure from two sources: attorneys and the IRS. It’s unlikely that a dealer will be sued over an appraisal unless the amount involved is substantial; there has to be enough money involved to pay a lawyer and have something left over. Risk for a dealer is directly proportional to the value of

Inventory, Investment, and Perception

Baron von Rothschild, the 19th-century British banking magnate, had a succinct investment philosophy: “The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets, even if that blood is your own.” The Baron would know: He made a fortune in the panic that followed Napoleon’s defeat at the battle of Waterloo. Modern-day billionaires echo

Elements Shifting Power from Antique Dealers

In October of 1991, the strongest storm in recorded history hit off the coast of Gloucester, Maine. Created by three storms combined into one, it was dubbed “the perfect storm,” and created almost apocalyptic conditions in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm was recounted in the book The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger and the Warner

How the Antiques Business Can Capture Gen X

Today, the antique business has a new problem: old customers. Boomers and their parents, who have been collecting antiques for decades, no longer have the room or the inclination to buy more antiques. Their Generation X successors do not seem to care for antiques. “The trend is away from antiques,” says Red Whaley, owner of

Article Spinners: The Death of Originality

Imagine that you are a songwriter.  You have a musical phrase running through your head, so you pick up your guitar and start playing with the idea.  You build upon each turn of the melody, instinctively drawn to chords that lend vibrancy and mood to your music.  You have a nice hook, an interesting melody,

How to Use eBay for a Price Check

To use eBay to help set your values, you will need to be a registered user. Registering for eBay is free; just follow the instructions when you get to the website. Once registered, type in the item you are researching, and eBay will search for the item. When the search results come up, click on

Stop Online Plagiarism

How wonderful it is to watch one’s browser home page open and discover that the RSS feed is displaying one of your blog article titles. How disappointing it is to click on the title and find that it leads not to your blog, but to someone else’s blog: a blog belonging to content thieves who

Retailer Inventory Reduction Live Auction Sale

Retailers are optimists by nature.  You wouldn’t believe it to talk to them but it’s true. They keep hoping that they will have a run on their slow-moving merchandise.  They are not willing to continue to drop their prices, because if they do, their cost of goods sold will go up, and their profits will

Cruise Ship Art Auctions

There is much debate surrounding cruise ship art auctions and whether or not the art sold represents a good value for the art purchaser. Some folks think that cruise ship art auctions are the spawn of the devil, and others are delighted with their experience.  Reading posts on the web about cruise ship art auctions

How To Bid At A Cruise Ship Art Auction

2.  Know what’s included in your purchase.  Does it come with a frame?  Will it be shipped, or do you have to carry it off the ship?  Is there sales tax?  What about Customs charges?  When can you expect delivery? 3.  When in doubt, don’t bid.  Remember, this is an auction.  You are under no

Cruise Ship Art Prices

Continued From:  How To Bid At A Cruise Ship Art Auction First, it’s important to realize that all items -including art work- have more than one value. An artwork can hang in a gallery and be priced at $1,000.  Then the gallery goes bankrupt and has a liquidation sale.  The $1,000 artwork sells for $150.

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

These days, social media marketing is pervasive. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn now have membership bases that span generations and spread across the globe.  It is estimated that the membership of Facebook alone exceeds the population of the United States.  The above sites allow you to create a page for your business, as

Viral Marketing Success

It’s said that in order to sell something to someone, they must know you, like you, and trust you.  The know-like-trust combination is time-consuming to implement as a marketing strategy.  It requires building one-on-one relationships with your customers; getting introductions to prospects, finding common ground with them, and establishing a level of trust.  This process

Writing For Search Engines

There are many aspects to writing for search engines that affect the placement of your web page or article in organic search results.  The number of incoming links to your page, the way your pages link together, the time visitors spend on the page and the number of click-throughs are all important.  Most important of

Web Content Writing

Web content writing is easy if you consider how people find information on the web.  First, they type a keyword into the search bar, and the search engine brings back results based on the keyword.  The search results display page titles and descriptions of the pages.  The searcher will  browse the titles and descriptions, and

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