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August 16, 2017

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Don’t Let Sales Get Thrown Under the Bus

American popular culture loves a catchphrase. Always has. In the 1890s, businessmen were anxious to “get down to brass tacks,” and a well-heeled customer who was satisfied with his purchases was “as happy as a clam.” In the 1990s, if a customer discovered that a dealer’s claims were all smoke and mirrors, then the deal

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Sell More with Better Merchandise Tags

Sitting in his cell awaiting trial for treason, Van Meegeren considered his options. The year was 1945, and the war was over. Meegeren had been arrested in his Dutch homeland for being a Nazi collaborator. His crime, according to Dutch authorities, was trading a painting by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer to the Nazi commander of

Negotiate, Don’t Haggle

“You saved $36 today!” exclaimed the clerk at JC Penny’s. “Gee, that’s great!” I replied. “I spent $31 and saved $36! What a deal!” These days, corporate retailers love to tell me how much I saved while shopping at their store: They tell me when I buy groceries, and when I buy hardware. I was

eBay’s Fraud Protection Plan Boosts Your Sales

eBay fraud is in the news again. The headline reads: “Three eBay Fraud Rings Dismantled in Romania.” Romania must be a hotbed of Internet-scam artistry. Just a few years ago, a headline read: “Small Romanian Town Gets Rich Through eBay Scams.” They must be fast learners in Romania. The first attempts at eBay fraud included

Profit from Selling Estate Art

“Antiques dealers don’t know anything about art” explained the art gallery owner. “You have to be really careful buying art from an antiques dealer because you never know what you’re going to get”. I didn’t argue with the woman because I knew from my own experience that what she said about antiques dealers and art

Antique Dealers Can Master Web Marketing

Yesterday’s tools don’t work very well in modern applications. Take a rotary phone, for example: It can still make phone calls, but it won’t work outdoors, it won’t connect to the Internet, and it won’t take photos. A few of you are now saying, “I just want a telephone that makes phone calls.” I’d be

Article Spinners: The Death of Originality

Imagine that you are a songwriter.  You have a musical phrase running through your head, so you pick up your guitar and start playing with the idea.  You build upon each turn of the melody, instinctively drawn to chords that lend vibrancy and mood to your music.  You have a nice hook, an interesting melody,

Retailer Inventory Reduction Live Auction Sale

Retailers are optimists by nature.  You wouldn’t believe it to talk to them but it’s true. They keep hoping that they will have a run on their slow-moving merchandise.  They are not willing to continue to drop their prices, because if they do, their cost of goods sold will go up, and their profits will

Gala Fundraising Auctions

O.K., so you’re the new Fundraising Chairperson. Hitting the goal is your assignment.  The budget has been set.  It’s up to you to lead the way.  Everyone is looking to you for leadership and fresh ideas.  What next? Imagine your first fundraising committee meeting:  Someone mentions telemarketing for cash contributions.  There’s no support at all

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

These days, social media marketing is pervasive. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn now have membership bases that span generations and spread across the globe.  It is estimated that the membership of Facebook alone exceeds the population of the United States.  The above sites allow you to create a page for your business, as

Viral Marketing Success

It’s said that in order to sell something to someone, they must know you, like you, and trust you.  The know-like-trust combination is time-consuming to implement as a marketing strategy.  It requires building one-on-one relationships with your customers; getting introductions to prospects, finding common ground with them, and establishing a level of trust.  This process

Writing For Search Engines

There are many aspects to writing for search engines that affect the placement of your web page or article in organic search results.  The number of incoming links to your page, the way your pages link together, the time visitors spend on the page and the number of click-throughs are all important.  Most important of

Web Content Writing

Web content writing is easy if you consider how people find information on the web.  First, they type a keyword into the search bar, and the search engine brings back results based on the keyword.  The search results display page titles and descriptions of the pages.  The searcher will  browse the titles and descriptions, and

Article Writing As A Promotional Tool

Article writing as a promotional tool has both its rabid fans and serious detractors.  Some say it can make you rich, others say it doesn’t work. One thing for sure, if I wanted to explore article marketing, I wouldn’t take advice from someone who couldn’t get it to work for them.  If you’re going to

Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is reported to be the second most-used online marketing tool, second only to search marketing.  According to Internet World stats, more than 360 million people use the internet every day.  More than half of those people use their email account daily, which means that every day almost two hundred million people open their

Video Marketing Basics

Keeping up with trends in internet marketing can be challenging.  One of the recent bandwagons that many people are jumping on is video marketing.  Video is everywhere, and for good reason.  Written messages do not carry the persuasive weight of a well-produced video.  Delivering your message content in more than one medium satisfies the different

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Newbies

There’s no greater disappointment than spending weeks or months building your business website only to have it languish in the search results.  Let’s face it: very few web surfers will look past page one of the search results.  They may look as far as page three if they can’t find what they’re looking for, but

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