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April 25, 2018

Collectible Lawn Art

In American popular culture, the kitsch surrounding pink flamingo lawn ornaments appears universal. Mention such ornaments and visions of trailer parks in Baltimore come to mind; perhaps as a result of John Waters’ 1972 movie “Pink Flamingos,” with its subtitle: “An Exercise in Poor Taste”.

Until the 1970s, upscale suburban homes sometimes boasted lantern-carrying lawn jockeys, but these blackface ornaments lost favor and aren’t seen much anymore.

Flamingos and jockeys seem to have been replaced by garden gnomes and repurposed furniture. From city lots to country acreage, Americans love yard art. We make flowerbeds from antique beds and claw-foot bathtubs, birdbaths from old lamps and garden lights from tin cans.

Because yard art is so trendy, estate executors sometimes forget to have a good look around an estate’s yard or grounds as they inventory personal property. Focus is instead given to the contents of homes, where it is believed that the most valuable property is located.

But, that’s not always the case. Recently, a zinc and copper horse weathervane was found in a Massachusetts barn covered with hay. The hollow horse was full of hay debris, had no stand and was aerated by a few bullet holes. Nevertheless, the 1875 J. Howard & Company “Index” horse weathervane sold on eBay for $45,000. Other notable “yard art” finds include: Read More

Originally posted 2013-10-01 19:10:00.

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