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April 19, 2018

Estate Executors Can Only Profit from Hiring an Appraiser

There’s a very compelling reason why estate executors should enlist the help of an appraiser or auctioneer when sorting through an estate’s personal property: Executors often have no idea what’s collectible and what’s not.

A case in point:

I recently helped a neighbor sort through the contents of her brother’s estate. It was a typical middle-class estate: lots of household goods and a few collectibles on display. The neighbor had already spent a fair amount of time sorting and cleaning. On a dresser was a small bag of trash, and it was spilling over onto the dresser top.

As I opened the jewelry box on the dresser to inspect its contents, my gaze fell onto a ticket stub in the pile of trash. I recognized the ticket instantly, because for years I owned one. It was light blue-green in color, and featured the images of three of the four Beatles. I picked it up and confirmed that it was a ticket to The Beatles concert at the D.C., Stadium on Aug. 15, 1966. Read More…

Originally posted 2014-03-07 11:49:00.

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Wayne Jordan is a Virginia-licensed Auctioneer (#3481), as well as an AIA and CAGA Certified Personal Property Appraiser. Learn more at http://www.resaleretailing.com/wayne-jordan-auctioneer-appraiser/

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