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April 25, 2018

How to Buy an Existing Antiques Business

For Sale: “Great little antique shop … packed floor to rafters with inventory of all types … new owner won’t have to buy inventory for two years … make more money if new owner will keep longer hours and sell on the Internet. Priced at $349,000; Inventory value $299,000 (40% of retail).”

What a great deal – for the seller! For potential buyers, this business could be an opportunity for financial ruin.

Such “business opportunities” are commonplace. Recently I spent about two hours browsing business-for-sale websites, looking at antiques stores for sale. Having been both a store owner and business broker in previous careers, I continue to be curious about how various businesses are selling. I browsed several dozen antique stores for sale across the U.S. (There were more than 100 offered for sale; I just got tired of browsing.) All the listings were bright and cheery and seemed full of promise for new owners.

Some of these shops will sell for the right price to the right buyer and everyone will live happily ever after. Read More

Originally posted 2013-12-25 13:20:00.

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