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April 19, 2018

How to Find Probate Antiques

It’s no secret that antique dealers spend as much (or more) time acquiring inventory than they do selling it. Many dealers are up at the crack of dawn on weekends and spend their days searching estate sales, auctions, flea markets and antiques shows for merchandise. Some dealers take out-of-state road trips, and a few travel abroad to find inventory.

Others systematically work the online auction sites like eBay to find bargain treasures for re-sale. Almost all have spent years developing a network of pickers who can keep new inventory rolling in. Compared to antiques dealers, retailers of consumer goods have it easy. All they have to do to keep their shelves stocked is pick up the phone or go online and place a wholesale order from a catalog.

The reason that dealers are such “early birds” when mining estate sales, flea markets and antique shows is obvious: They want to find the best merchandise and negotiate a good price before their competitors show up. Flea market and estate sale sellers sometimes don’t know what their merchandise is worth, and may accept an early cash offer. Read More

Originally posted 2014-01-06 12:51:00.

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