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March 23, 2018

Put Your Antiques Biz on Page 1 with Google Places

“I’ve never been lost,” said Daniel Boone; “But I was once perplexed for a few days.” It’s said that Boone was a master at staying found. Making his way through the wilderness with nothing more than an incomplete map, a compass, and his own sensibilities, he blazed a trail that thousands would follow from Virginia to Kentucky.

“Staying found” is a significant challenge for bricks-and-mortar Antique stores. New customers will stumble upon stores that are located on well-travelled thoroughfares. Dealers who pump money into traditional media advertising (newspapers, radio, yellow pages) may also attract new customers. But, high-traffic locations and traditional media advertising are very expensive, and many dealers simply can’t justify such high overhead. So, they hope that new customers will find them through word-of-mouth rather than a proactive promotional campaign.

Before you turn the page, let me tell you that this isn’t going to be another column about the virtues of inexpensive Internet advertising. You should already know that your business needs a website, and that the website has to have good content, targeted keywords, and be search-engine optimized. However, you can have all that and still be lost in the wilderness of Google or Bing search results. Read More

Originally posted 2013-12-13 13:42:00.

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