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March 23, 2018

The Time is Right to Open an Antiques Shop

It’s my opinion that the antiques business is the only retail business worth pursuing at the moment.

Consider the problems faced by commodity consumer goods retailers: In the past decade,“Big Box” stores have put scores of Main Street retailers out of business.

Competition from online dealers has shaved commodity retail store margins so close that it can take months for a business to recover from a downturn in sales or an uptick in expenses. An army of consumers armed with smart phones can instantly compare prices on virtually every commodity offered for sale and then harangue a retailer for a matching price. When a consumer has secured the lowest price, he or she can then scan the product’s QR code for additional bargains and manufacturer’s coupons. In commodity retailing, margins are tight; there’s not much room for error.

Not so with antique retailers. Despite all the gloomy predictions for the antiques trade, this is the place to be. There will never be competition from “Big Box” retailers of antiques, because there will never be any. Read More

Originally posted 2013-12-08 12:20:00.

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