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April 25, 2018

Wayne Henderson’s Hand-Made Guitars are the Perfect Collectible

Henderson guitars are certainly not the most expensive hand-made acoustic guitars. At about $5,000 (plus or minus) when new, their price pales in comparison to some other small-luthier-built guitars. They are not even the most well-known; but Eric Clapton owns one, and so does Tommy Emmanuel, Peter Rowan and Grammy winner Gillian Welch. Doc Watson played his often. Used Hendersons have sold privately for as much as $100,000 and sell regularly at auction in the $20,000-plus range. There is a 10-year waiting list to get one from the manufacturer. If orders for the guitars keep coming in at the current rate, and Wayne Henderson lives long enough to fill them, he may just live forever.

Henderson guitars may be the perfect collectible: they are high-quality, rare and in demand. They can sell for three to 10 times their initial cost as soon as they leave Wayne’s shop. He could sell his guitars for more, but Wayne says that more money wouldn’t improve his life any. Indeed, he seems to have found fulfillment building his guitars and playing bluegrass music. Read More

Originally posted 2013-12-21 15:50:00.

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